Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Decision...

I think I may be learning to follow what I think. I know that may seem a little goofy to some, but to me, it is AMAZING. I started reading the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Yep, downloaded it onto the Kindle and then...of course, I need to be multi-tasking, so I have it on my Ipod too. (I love my DH) What I am learning, is to just do it...I know that Nike alread has that slogan, and has been telling me that exact same thing for years, but I guess I am one who needs to hear it one thousand different ways a thousand different times, before one of those clicks in my brain.

With all that said. I'm following a whim...or as another artist calls it a "whisper". I saw some photos my son took on FB. I was in awe of many of them. They also called to me as inspiration. How wonderful would it be to interpret some of these into painted multi-media designs, and then make them into totes.

Now, my DH says..."Honey, do you quilt? Do you really make totes?" Nope is the answer. But you know what, I didn't jog, swim, or bike regularly and I participated in a triathlon.

Point well taken.
So, yes following my "whim" ... "whisper"..."thought" I don't know exactly how it will turn out. But I LOVE the process. ALWAYS have... and I suppose that is what I am learning, that that is just fine, I'm a process person, not a results person. (that would be my DH)

So to the sewing machine I learn how to free motion quilt.
Smiles to all,

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