Sunday, February 10, 2013

zendoodle on porcelain

So, I don't have a clue how to "really" paint on porcelain, but life has brought many heads and body parts into my hands. (now that's a weird sentence) This is true. I have recently acquired a "doll factory" that was abandoned about 5 years ago.
So, what to do with all these lovelies?
This first head a tried my hand at some oil painting. Once again, never touched oil paints in my life, but hey, that's what "YouTube" is for. (btw what CAN'T up learn on there?) I got a dabble of paint here and there and moved it around some. The next day I worked with the turpentine and dabbled a little more.
Now, it has been over a week since I have worked on her. I went in with a brown wash, and did some defining work on her lips and eyes. (no photo yet) I am wanting to go in with a brown micron pen and do outlining and defining of the flowers.

Next Gal:
Zendoodling. I have seen all over Pintrest about purchasing cheap white plate and cups and then using a Sharpie to personalize them...I thought, hmmmm I wonder. And since I can, I should give it a whirl. Once again the handy dandy micron pen, you just have to love those!
There are so many wonderful free sites on different doodles, and I so loved just playing!! This is what I have come up with so far. Thanks for taking the time to read and look!
Smiles to All,

Saturday, January 21, 2012

...wig number 2

 This hair is handdyed Alpaca, Suri, that I purchased from Renee Tripp
This stuff is LUSCIOUS!
 Smiles to All,

Friday, January 20, 2012

...oh yeah, it's a wig...DAH!

So, last weekend I decided I was going to learn how to make a wig for my dolls. The actual plan was to drive down to Indy and join the doll makers there so that I could have a group...but...Saturday morning rolled around and it was snowy out, and cold, and brrrrr..bed versus drive..huh, no contest, I snuggled on in! But, that being said, a wig was the goal, so I forged ahead with the Internet and youtube videos. First, I wrapped the head in saran wrap, really tightly then, I modge podged some gauzy material over the head...let it dry

Here she is in her little babushka waiting for the glue to dry. Everything I read, said use glue, but I was running low and had plenty of the mod I used that instead. It seems to have worked just fine, although the cap may have a bit more give or plasticity to it than had I used tacky glue.
 After the glue dried, I trace around the gauze, cutting out the hairline and the ears. I think this gauze worked really nicely as it is really snug to the head.

 Once I had the skull cap all cut out, I covered the head with plastic again and laid a glue line on the base of the skull cap at the nape of the neck. I used Instant Grrrip glue which I get from DollMakers Journey. (by the way, check them out for your doll making supplies, they are a wonderful team)
Then, I just continued around the head, adding locks of fiber. I am fairly certain that this is Moreno, but shucks, I really don't have a clue, I picked up a bag of dyed locks at the fiber fest this summer and through it in my stash.

 At this point in the process, and well, a few rows before, I kept thinking, dang, I really like how this is turning out, but it is such a shame that this dolls face isn't completed. Now mind you, this thought kept running through my head while the rows of glue were it had to be at least an hour. Hmmm, this hair is going to get in the way when I paint her eyes in. Hmmm I guess I'll have to wrap her hair in plastic so I can contour her flesh for more dimension.... hmmm, hmmm hmmm.
 THEN, as I'm pressing her part I remember...
DAH it's a wig, it comes off her head!!!

Smiles to All, Brenda

Monday, December 19, 2011

...happy holidays to all!

it has been a busy fall and beginning of winter. I have been delving into the world of fiber. A couple of fellow vendors at the Culver Market this summer turned me onto spinning with a spindle. Xenia and Felicia have wonderful alpaca fiber. I had never been exposed to the wonder of farm fresh fiber, it is WONDERFUL!! Well, the ladies were spinning away on their drop spindles, and curiousity got the better of me, and before I knew it, I purchased "Respect the Spindle" recommended reading for learning about drop spinning, and off I went. I'm really enjoying is my customary way...I couldn't stop there....yep...before I knew it I was offered an opportunity to actually have my own alpacas....I'm not kidding, a friend from high school had 2 left from her herd of 32 that she was looking for a, this is the only time I've every been asked about alpacas, sure someone has a dog, a cat, a bird, maybe a bunny...but alpaca??? YOU BET!!! I'm in!!!
You may ask...Brenda, I didn't realize you live on a farm? I don't. I'm located smack dab in the middle of Valpo....Unfortunately, a windy day occurred, and my fence installation skills are lacking and well, a fence panel fell "boys" then decided it was time to take a walk...what could have been a terrible incident ended up being an adventure for not only the alpaca, the police, but also the neighborhood. Everyone was extremely kind in rounding up the boys and now they are located with a foster family, still in town, but with the legitimate acreage!...what a hoot. you are now caught up with the story of "what has Brenda been doing with herself"! 
Christmas break is almost upon us, with the time off from driving bus, I am hoping to build a spinning wheel for myself. I seem to love a new experience!
Happy Holidays, and
Smiles to All,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

...another new obsession...

I find it incredibly hard to believe that we are already almost through the month of July! Where does it go? I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I have found yet another new distraction. One of the vendors at the farmer's market in Culver Indiana has rescued some Alpacas. OK, right there, HOW COOL! (wait it gets better) If you have never felt unprocessed alpaca fleece, it is amazing. All I can compare is to is wonderful light cotton candy that doesn't get sticky and you can snuggle up with. I am completely serious, I have never been in contact with anything so delicious that ISN'T food.
Anyway, she shears her Alpaca's, washes, and then handcards the fibers (all of this is new verbage as I didn't know a thing 2 weeks ago), then, she hand spins on a spindle the fibers into yarn. Now, if you know anything about me, one thing you do know is that I am a "process" creator...just love a process. So, of course, I jumped in with both feet. She recommended the book "Respect the Spindle" which is wonderful. It is chucked full of photos, instructions, history, and just a variety of different ways to make yarn. I also highly recommend the book. I bought a spindle, which was made from a wooden toy truck wheel, dowel rod and hook, really, that simple...and off I went.
Believe it or not, that isn't the best part of the story...she is bringing me a pound, yes, a pound of unprocessed fleece. I will get to do all of the work. I can't wait to wash and card the fleece...I don't have any handcards yet though...can you say "Christmas Present"?
Smiles to All,

Monday, May 2, 2011

What a wonderful weekend!

I am so fortunate! I just returned from Columbus Ohio and the (drumroll) Artistic Figures in Cloth  learning extravaganza!! (ok I'll settle down with the exclamation points, but really, there should be several more included) If you ever get a chance to go, I highly recommend it. The event is so organized and Cyndy Sieving's and her posse of helpers think of everything and are so helpful and considerate...smiles every minute, no matter what time of day. I took Natalie Hamade's "The Dame" class. What a hoot and my gosh, she simplified drawing a face so well, that I now am going to be fearless! (ok, one more) Thanks Natalie for making this event so much fun.
The next class I participated in was "Poppet" by the wonderful  Lillian Alberti. Two days of laughing and sculpting out of paper clay. Wonderful. (hmmm, I already said that, well, it's true.)
I still need to finish both of my projects. Hopefully, I will be able to keep this fantastic creating in the forefront, oh all those balls that juggle in the air, a few may fall. HA!
Smiles to All,

Monday, April 11, 2011

...ohhh what to wear

I am so excited about how this gal is coming together...It is a major challenge to teach myself about these joints and how they are all suppose to work, so, needless to say, they don't work "perfectly" they do work though!!! YEAH!! Now it is time to decide what I will have her wear. That was pretty funny as I was talking to my friend at work, I couldn't help but notice how perfect her shirt would make just a wonderful dress!! (She didn't!)

Smiles to All, Brenda