Sunday, April 18, 2010

following the whisper...

....I don't know if everyone suffers from this or not, I'm certain that I'm not the only one...but...why can it be SO difficult to follow the whim, the whisper, the dream? It seems some sort of brain shift happens. And not the happy one, brainshift, like when I'm sewing, or brain shifts into, well, not so pleasant thoughts. Thoughts that work seriously at defeating my whim.

Why is that? If I have to know why it is in order to get rid of it, can I get rid of it?And the really quirky thing is that it generally happens when I'm working on being happy, or productive, or on track. I know I personally have worries and fears, is that what gets in the way? I also know that sometimes I will say to myself, "what will people think"...usually I laugh, and shrug that one off, but sometimes, and this is when the brain is in its nasty place, I do think, what will people think...hmmm....why look at the negative, what if people actually that isn't where the bad brain goes, does it. More brain shift work ahead...maybe that's what I could use. Make a construction sign, and everytime "funk" happen I could post it..."underconstruction...brainshift ahead...proceed with caution"... HA!

Anyway, the cloud is lifting, and in case you are concerned, it never settles for long. Its just one of those questions that I want to throw out there into the cyber abyss and see if is sticks on anything.

I've been busy wood burning gourds, and freemotion quilting. So much fun.

Smiles to all,



  1. Hi Brenda
    We ALL suffer from it. You can't let it take hold. I used to have the brainshift problem all the time. I can't say that I don't worry about what people think. Now I tend more to know that
    a) at work I would not want to be thought of as a slacker. I color my hair cause I don't want those young guys to think I'm old and bitchy because I am dedicated to trying to achieve perfection.

    b) at home, I don't want to be thought of as grumpy because I am not too friendly until my meds kick in (lol)

    C) to my blog friends I don't want to be thought of as boring

    Gosh, I could post a blog on this subject. But this is your blog. So I will ask you if you have read the Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I'd be interested to know if you are open to the thought that positive thoughts bring positive back to you. Do you think that you can train your brain to follow a different thought path.
    Just wondering.

  2. Carol, how wonderful your response. One of my books talks about "re-training" the brain as "re-grooving" Just as the water tends to go down the same grooves, so do our thoughts. So, we must make new grooves, and we do this by continually saying what we want over and over again. (even if at first we don't believe it) So, yes I most definetly believe that it can be done....if I didn't I don't think I could have posted it to begin with!
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. It is greatly appreciated! I've read parts of the "Secret" It does go along with the way I view life's path. (I'm going to have to grab it and relook ; )