Monday, April 12, 2010

this weeks fettish: free motion quilting. What is it that makes me want to try all this stuff. Ahh, whatever, it's fun. So, I had a flower thing that I had painted on muslin and then outlined in permanent ink. Now, that is the perfect thing to give this quilting a whirl. Maybe it's cheating a little bit because I'm fol...lowing lines, but that's I go!
Since I'm a tool freak also, I wanted to get an extension table to help me...ahhh, $85, a little steep for a beginning whim. While I was chatting with our local shop, the owner suggested trying just to make one to see if it was worth the help for me...viola! My new extension table for me IZEK...(silly machine, but I do kinda love it for some things)

Then, I remembered I had some paintings of fabric that I had done a couple of years ago. Remember, some things ARE worth holding onto, there purpose may not become clear until the time is ready.

So now I am starting to free motion quilt. I think I like the facts that I have lines to help me for my first attempt. And, I'm pretty sure that I will draw lines on future ones, if only with disappear ink, to help out. Nothing wrong with a little help.

Now onto the sewing machine...she's calling my name. My DH won't be home for dinner so the DC will love that frozen pizza that is now in the oven...ok...I don't think it necessarily makes me a bad mom, just efficient...have a piece of fruit with it!

Smiles to All,

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