Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yesterday's Burnings

It was just a gorgeous Midwest summer day yesterday. Normally, we get the humidity. Not yesterday, 70's low humidity and just down right pleasant. (Yes, you guessed it, on days like that I DO take the time to do my hair, fellow frizzies can appreciate that).

So, after working in the front flower bed and talking with "the ladies" ( I just got laying hens...they are a hoot!) I settled down for some gourd burning. I've been working on dragonflies on the birdhouse gourds lately. A friend had made a request, and I was curious to see what I could come up with. I've got some great iridescent pulvers that help with that mystical shimmering quality a real dragonfly has. Below are the beginnings of some barrettes. I've used a martin gourd for these. They have a thicker shell and the natural curve follows the curve of the barrette.

Today...some more burning and I may get out some dyes and stains.

Happy Creating and Smiles to All,

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