Sunday, June 27, 2010

technology and history...or...simplicity, yeah, simplicity

I was breaking down my booth at the Farmer's Market in Culver on Saturday. What a beautiful day, it had stormed earlier in the morning, but that blew through and left us with a nice clean day, with actual lower humidity, a brief intermission from the norm in Northwest Indiana. It was a good sales day too. It isn't a big market, but some vacationers will come through, and the locals will stop and visit, and it's just nice. (I know that isn't the best descriptive word, but, "nice" it was.)... What brings me to this post is, while I'm packing up, my cell phone rings, it's my sweetheart, he's waiting in a parking lot in Wisconsin for our grandson's folks. So, while I'm loading up my van, talking on my phone in the middle of Culver with my DH who is 245 miles away, another vendor walks by with his engine to his transportation...a horse.
I cannot describe the oddity, and wonder this brought me. It made me stop. And then...stop some more.
I knew the vendors in the corner came in with there wares on horse and buggy...but to watch the horse walk past me, and then to watch them hitch up, all the while talking on my cell phone to my DH... it was just...odd. Odd in a wonderful sort of way.
How wonderful is it, that we live in a place where lifestyles are SO vastly different and all of us still so very much alike. I think sometimes that they've got it much more together than technology. Granted, there trip home will take longer, but..really, how wonderful if that! A wife and her husband driving home together in SUCH a different fashion that the majority of us are accustomed to. No phone, no radio, no GPS. Just the steady cadence of the horses hoofs.
I think there is something there. If I'd venture a guess, it'd be like exhaling after a deep breath.
Smiles to All.

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