Friday, June 11, 2010

funny little thing...

Yesterday was another productive day!! That's all good and well, but the funny thing...I was applying the clear coat to the birdhouses. The process takes, oh, around an hour at the most, just because I will put several light coats on with in that time. (Not the funny part, phew) So, I walk out to spray another coat onto one of the small ones, and a bird flies out!! Now, I've been spraying this gourd every ten to fifteen minutes or so. The cutest little tufted tit mouse decided to begin building her nest, she staked her claim. So, who am I to displace such a wonderful little gal? (Note to self: cut opening after clear-coating, cannot afford to shelter all homeless birds)

Smiles to All,


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  1. How cute!! I have lots of TTM at my feeders, so I am sure they must nest on the grounds somewhere, but they never use the birdhouses.
    Do you sell your gourd houses? Maybe that's what it would take!!

    Please EM me and let me know. I live west of South Bend.