Monday, July 19, 2010

Tote #2

So, here is the next tote. I learned a bunch from Nancy Baker, we were both at the Culver Farmer's Market together. She designs and makes wonderful jackets and totes, jewelry and diaper bags, just to name a few of the things she does. Her totes use zig-zag stitching combined with a crazy it...right up my alley...AND biggest thing of all, helps me loosen up and not worry about doing things "right".

Now I have the next platform to jump from and grab DH's old jeans, three pair have mysteriously shrunk. I'm using these for the stability. I didn't like that about my first tote, I wanted more structure, and denim has definitely provided that. I still need to put a velcro closure on. I cut out the back pocket of the jeans for the interior pocket for keys and cell phone...yes, it's amazing what can fit in the back pocket when your rear isn't filling it up!
I'm looking forward to the next tote...I bought a painting canvas for the interior this time...should help on making a "cleaner" interior for the tote.

Smiles to All,



  1. What a fun and colorful crazy pattern. I love it.

  2. Love this!! You are on a roll :)