Sunday, July 25, 2010

Busy Sunday...

Finished up the Potes that I had going...ok...I still have 4 more that need to be free-motioned...BUT...I was able to FINISH (and yes, those are capital letters, because finishing seems to be such a rarity in my little curious compulsive creative world) 7 Potes.
Next...onto the fact that I am going to be spending many hours in the lovely surroundings of the Minneapolis Airport...what's a crafty gal to do? Comfort Dolls. So, today is all about making as many doll flats that I can. This includes crazy quilting to muslin, drawing faces and then securing them to the flat, wonder-undering words, and then outlining the form itself...I'm hoping to have....I'm reaching into the sky to pluck out the magic number...and the winner is.....5 ready for the traveling adventure...
Also, "the ladies", my wonderful chickens, are going to their winter home today! Dr. Janelle has offered to foster them until next summer when we can be reunited again. I need to work on getting a "2 chicken production pet" zoning law passed in Valpo. I really have enjoyed the gals this summer.
Wednesday is rapidly approaching...3 days!
Smiles to All,

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