Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Little Pote That Could!

Here is #3

This is the second "pote": smaller than a tote, structured like a purse.
This time I used a painters canvas as the base structure and pockets...but I'm not starting at the beginning. First, I've painted with your basic cheapo acrylic paints with a textile medium added and watered it down for a softer feel, on cheapo muslin. After it dries, heat set with an iron. Next, more fun! drawing with the free-motion quilting. This part is always a brain shift for me. If I try to "control" what I'm doing, I make a mess of things. Just go with the flow of what you've painted, click those heels together and believe.

Onto the pote construction. Eh...I'm tired of writing...just take a look. I will say, it is pretty cool watching how the pote is evolving and what I'm happy with, and what I don't like.

Thanks for the read.

Smiles to All,


NM count down...7 days!!


  1. love this!!!!!! cant wait to see in person tonight....and you are so right about going with the flow... NM countown!!!!! can you stand it??!!aaaaaaaaaaggggh!!!