Friday, February 4, 2011 in form OR ...what else can I do with this

So here it is, the generic form I started with. I wish I could give credit to who first created this outline, but, I've forgotten which mag I pulled it from. Just a side note, don't you just love all the uses for recycled cereal boxes? : ) I went ahead an made one out of an animal print, and two out of a satin. I'm forcing...ok trying to make with the face so I drew her face using Y&C Fabric Mate marker. (epb sells a kit with specific colors for faces)
I decided to run with the animal motif and created a "mane" out of a turqouise boa. Then, I added some blue fur. I really wasn't digging the effect so...I added the gold beads...then some glitter...and then, well, I put modge podge on it for a contrast of texture. She still needs more somethin' somethin'...but she is now resting for her next inspiration.
On to the satin figure...

I remember the article I got this form from had and optional loop on the back, for hanging. I've decided I want her purely free-standing. Through the stuffing slit, I poked my hemos in pushing the stuffing to either side to make a space for tubing to be inserted. I went into the kitchen and found a McDonald's straw...perfect. I had an left over stand from another project that I will use as a base..

I really didn't like the offwhite petals, so I decided to use permanent markers to color them and then mute and blend the colors by apply alcohol...tadaaa, I like that much better now.Next. I glue on a sash and next to the application of the seed beads. I'm getting pooped and want to post, so, be continued.
Smiles to all,

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  1. I love this idea. I like that you cut out from cereal boxes, etc. Very ingenious. Have a great weekend.