Friday, February 18, 2011, I don't read Japanese...

so, I'm sitting here eagerly awaiting my new book, Yoshida Style Ball Jointed Doll-Making Guide by Ryo Yoshida, and yes, all the instructions are in Japanese! Marina suggested it in her blog, and once I saw the photo's, eh...maybe I can muddle through with some help from the BJD bloggers. I am totally new to this, but I'm a lover of the "process" work, and from my understanding...gadzooks, it's a process!

These dolls are made out of paperclay, which is nice, it's inexpensive and easy to come by. So, I got my hands sticky and icky and full of goo. It was wonderful. I'm finding it to be sort of a fun medium. You can sand it, build it up, if you accidentally notch out the nose...just add more paper.So here are the results so far all are WIP (works in progress)...
The eyes in this guy were made by following Marina's tutorial. These are all much larger than the BJD's will be but it has been a good way to introduce myself to the medium. ALSO, I'm taking the Poppet class at the AFIC in Ohio with Lillian Alberti. This is also done out of cool, I'm learning!
It was pretty funny the other day my son came in and read the note on the oven, "Boys, there are heads in the oven, please remove them before you change the temp. Love you Mom" he is certain that there are some families where this is not only NOT the norm, but...would probably freak them out! Ha!
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